April Monthly Specials

April is “Pinot” Month

Pinot Gris

The primary fruit flavors are lime, lemon, pear, white nectarine and apple, citrus flavor and zesty acidity make this wine an easy sipper.

$76.50 Take Home
$131.50 On-Premise

Value Red Wine Sale

Pinot Noir

This red wine is a crowd favorite, luscious and juicy and delicious. Light to medium bodied, fruit-forward wine that pairs well with everything. When you think you need a white wine to pair with your meal, think Pinot Noir instead. Great with fish, light pasta’s and white meats like turkey and chicken.

$81.00 Take Home
$136.00 On-Premise

Kettle Beer Sale   

Black Label Supreme Style

This recipe produces a medium pale colored medium bodied beer. Low bitterness. Super smooth but watch out it’s 6.5% Alcohol

Save $15 
$139.00 Incl. Taxes! That is 12 dozen beer.



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