September Amazing Specials

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Amazing Wine Specials 

Mezza Luna White

A dry white wine with BIG fruit flavors, the subtle oak creates a lush finish.
Don’t be afraid of the oak in this wine.
Ready in 4 weeks.
How about bag and a box?

$76.50 Take Home
$131.50 On-Premise

Mezza Luna Red

A rich and flavorful red wine with cherry and raspberry notes.
A powerful value wine.
One of our top sellers.

Pairs perfect with those BBQ ribs.
Ready in 4 weeks.

$81.00 Take Home
$136.00 On-Premise

Kettle Beer Sale   

French Ale

A golden colored and medium bodied French style beer.
This Alsatian ale has a hint of sweet and low bitterness.

The ladies say it’s the best Ale, very easy drinking. No aftertaste.
5% Alcohol

Save $15 per batch.
50% less than commercial equivalents.

Special Offers are not compounding and are not valid in conjunction with any other sales, discounts, offers, or promotions.