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Make Your Own Alcohol

(Click on the “Turbo 500 Still” Image for Video)
You can easily make great tasting spirits, cocktails and liqueurs at home!
Once you have your spirit, all you do is add your flavouring, hey presto… it’s done! With hundreds of flavours, your spirit creation will have all the characteristics you’re after – colour, aroma, texture, taste, and alcohol content! You can distill the base spirit yourself (read the red tape below!) or you can purchase vodka (or everclear which is grain alcohol) and flavour it.

Step – 1: Making a Wash    

It is recommended that the first step in making a good wash is that you always use Still Spirits Turbo Yeast, Still Spirits Turbo Sugar or dextrose from us, and the Still Spirits carbon range to get the best results.  Making the wash is basically combining yeast, water and sugar in a fermenter and then allowing it to ferment. Once fermentation is finished you clear your wash, we recommend using Still Spirits Turbo Clear. Once cleared, we recommend that you filter your wash to remove any filtration flavours.  Then you can flavour your ~18% alcohol base with your choice of any of the dozens of available flavours and essences.


Step – 2: Filtering the Spirit

Your fermented spirit needs to be filtered to catch any unwanted chemicals or flavours and remove them, resulting in a pure clean spirit.  We suggest using the Still Spirits carbon range. Our activated carbon absorbs the unwanted chemicals and flavours while allowing the spirit (or water, if distilling water) to pass through.  It is important to do this to achieve the best quality results from your spirit. We recommend using the EZ Filter, the EZ Filter In-Line Filter or the Air Still Filter Collector.


Step – 3: Flavouring/Blending the Spirit

The final step is adding flavour to it to make it into a new delicious creation. Still Spirits offers over a hundred flavours and infusements to choose from including spirits, liqueurs, cream liqueurs, schnapps and cocktails. So you can create something new or replicate one of your favourites. This is quite a simple step, just follow the instructions on the label of your flavouring.

NOTE: Some flavours require bases, please check the flavour instructions on the packaging.

A little bit of Red Tape…..

It isn’t hard to make great spirits at home, but you do have to play by the rules. In New Zealand, Austria, Italy, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine it is perfectly legal to home distil for personal use, but elsewhere it is not.

In most countries, including Canada, it is illegal for an individual to use a still for the purpose of making your own pure alcohol to drink. Yet it’s not against the law to own a water distillation unit or a simple ‘plug in and press start’ air-still, (under 5 L in Australia) and many people already use these devices to distil water or to make essential oils.

Since amateur distillation is not permitted here, you will need to purchase the base alcohol from a store in order to create your own liqueurs, spirits or schnapps. Low priced vodka or everclear (grain alcohol) is ideal for this purpose. OR, you can ferment your own alcohol base (~15% – !8%), carbon filter it and then choose from dozens of flavours.

Please note that using Still Spirits flavourings and most other distilling products is LEGAL in every country.

Top Shelf Flavourings

Still Spirits flavourings can be added to instantly flavour home distilled neutral spirits – giving them the flavour you know and love, be that Rum, Bourbon, Gin, Absinthe, Port, Brandy, Tequila, Vodka, or a Whiskey style flavouring. These flavourings are inspired by and evoke a range of different styles and tastes. They are in no way connected to or associated with any individual liquor brand, distiller or region.
or region.