Leitz Zero-Point-Five Pinot Noir




The ZERO-POINT-FIVE Pinot Noir offers a clean and fresh original character with notes of red currant and cherries; you will also detect a nicely embedded tannic structure and a remarkably long and almost dry finish. Of course, an alcohol-free wine never will give the same depth, structure, and weight as a wine with alcohol, but this is extremely close to it, and it is simply an alcohol-free wine tasting wine. Impressive. We recommend pairing this alcohol-free Pinot Noir with roast or game; it’s an excellent option for grilled fish or a Lamb Biryani.


Made from Sustainably grown Pinot Noir grapes. The juice is fermented and rests for a period in stainless steel. Before bottling, to remove the alcohol from the wine, a gentle vacuum distillation was used to preserve the natural grape flavours. This method extracts alcohol under extremely low pressure and temperature (around 30°C). No flavours will be lost through the treatment of the wine through the alcoholization process. This method results in a “real” ZERO – 0.0 % vol.

This Zero-Point-Five Pinot Noir is as delicious as we’re used to. Juicy and beautifully delicate, an alcohol-free red wine that is smooth and pleasing from the start. 

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