Marselan from France

A cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, this relatively young French varietal displays the best characteristics of both parents. Marselan is deeply coloured with a powerful nose of jammy red and black fruits and spice. The palate delivers rich, ripe fruit flavours of blackberry, plum and black currant with spicy notes, balanced acidity, and well-rounded tannins. Supple, smooth, and seductive.

SIGNATURE FOOD PAIRING: Grilled Lamb & Fig Skewers

ADDITIONAL FOOD PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Charcuterie, grilled meat (bbq, burgers, pork chops), fresh lasagna with pesto, lamb navarin, dark chocolate desserts

This is the true home of Marselan; it was developed here in 1961 and took its name from Marseillan, a coastal village near where it was first bred and planted. Soils vary across the large region, with limestone and clay the most common. With hot sunny days tempered by cool sea breezes at night, the Mediterranean climate makes the Languedoc a perfect place for growing grapes.

Alcohol: 13%*                           

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Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 23.81 × 23.81 × 35.88 cm