Amarone, Italian (w/ Grape Skins)



Commercially, Amarone starts at about $50 a bottle! Amarone is well known as Italy’s most influential wine.

Our Amarone is from the Veneto region of Italy and comes with a crushed grape skin pack to enhance the flavour, colour, aroma, body and tannins; this will give your wine a more luxurious fuller mouthfeel.   

Amarone has rich aromas of dark fruit and spice with layers of cherry, plum, mocha and dried fruit flavours—the heavy oak contributes to the complexity and adds a warm firm lingering finish.


Alcohol: 14.0%

Body: Full

Oak: Heavy

Sweetness: Dry 




Additional information

Weight 16.5 kg
Dimensions 23.81 × 23.81 × 35.88 cm