Gambrinus ESB Malt 25kg Bag


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Our ‘Extra Special British’ Pale malt is malted for brewers seeking the unique flavour imparted by British Pale Malt. Gambrinus has modified its malting process to give you a distinctive malt traditionally found only in the British Isles. As you’d expect from the name, our ESB Pale Malt is ideal for authentic English-style bitter, pale ale, and IPA. With its robust bread, cereal, caramel, grain, honey, and nutty flavours, it also makes a great base for full-flavoured styles like Scottish ales, Imperial IPA, American strong ale, old ale, or barley wine. 


Color SRM 2.6 – 4.0
Protein Total <14.5
Moisture % Max 5.5%
Extract FG Min ~78.0
Usage Rate Up to 100%

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm