FLO by MOEN Leak Detection Smart Home Water Security System


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After several floods in our building, we now have Flo installed, and are excited to offer this fantastic product to you.

  • 24/7 PROTECTION: Turn your water on/off from the app manually, or Flo by Moen will automatically turn off the water for you to protect the home from catastrophic water damage
  • DAILY LEAK TESTING: Micro Leak Technology proactively monitors the security of the home’s entire water system. Including behind walls and in foundations to identify leaks as small as a drop per minute. (e. g. pinhole leaks, etc. )
  • FLOSENSE TECHNOLOGY: The device’s security parameters optimize water savings by understanding the homes water use and tailoring protection to each home
  • APP DASHBOARD: See how much water you’re consuming daily and set conservation goals to encourage saving water and money for your home.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Alexa skills, Google Assistant and IFTTT; no smart hub or system required; requires Wi-Fi connection; requires standard AC/DC power connection

The best way to avoid water damage is to prevent it. Backed by years of product development and industry-leading technology, this device detects and stops leaks. Flo will monitor your toilets, shower, faucets, also pipes in your foundation and behind your walls. Flo monitors all of them, so there are no surprises on your water bill or catastrophes when you come home from vacation.

Install Flo in-line before it branches off to your home’s various water sources. Flo has three sensors that actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. These sensors, in combination with the device’s algorithms, are what enable Flo by Moen to detect and protect the home from problems like leaks, burst pipes, etc. Flo takes a few hours to install in any home that meets these requirements. An above-ground, accessible main water supply line with roughly 6 inches of pipe space for the device, the main water supply line measuring 1.25 inches in diameter or less, Wifi network and connection, standard power outlet within 10 feet of the device.

If you require installation, we highly recommend our plumber Tim Hall from TNJ Plumbing & Heating 250 306 3200 

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