Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Rosé




EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Sparkling Rosé shows fresh notes of pale strawberries, raspberry and citrus, hints of fresh grapefruit and an underlying mineral base. The finish is (almost) dry with just the perfect amount of bubbles.
This alcohol-free sparkling wine is remarkably versatile year-round. Enjoy it as a mixer, aperitif, or simple evening pleasure at any time.


Made from Sustainably grown Pinot Noir grapes.  The juice is fermented and rests for a period in stainless steel.  Before bottling, to remove the alcohol from the wine, a gentle vacuum distillation was used in order to preserve the natural grape flavours.  This method extracts alcohol under extremely low pressure and temperature (around 30°C). No flavours will be lost through the treatment of the wine through the dealcoholization process. With this method results in a “real” ZERO – 0.0 % vol. Acidity 7.1 g/L and Residual Sugar 38.9 g/L

The EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Sparkling Rosé is a very appealing, alcohol-free sparkling wine that is fresh and juicy right from the start. 

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