BEER (Craft Kettle Brewed)

We have been assisting customers in the art of kettle brewing since 1996
We pride ourselves on using only the freshest, finest ingredients available on the market. We grind all our grains to order. Each batch is approximately 48 ltr. Or 12 dozen, and starts at as little as $175 ($150 with Birthday Promo) per batch. The brewing process takes 90 minutes; your involvement at minimum is adding the yeast; that is the law. We welcome you to come and experience the full brewing experience by appointment.
Our staff can help navigate you through the beer choices and answer queries you may have. We have over 200+ recipes to choose from including our very own version of Molson Supreme Style, Back Hand of Goddess and our new Big Wave Golden Ale with a citrus twist.
You are also welcome to customize your unique blend of hops and grains to suit your taste. Our beer is also quadruple cold filtered and carbonated for optimum flavour and clarity.

We are currently updating our beer list. Thank you for your patience.
Come and see us in store for a full list of our kettle brewed beers!

If you are making your product in our store, please be advised of our disclaimer policies as follows:

Please contact us to come in and sign the required Liquor Document and mix the ingredients for your purchased product.

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