Alcohol-free Leitz Wines

Renowned winemaker Johannes Leitz of the Weingut Leitz in Rudesheim, Germany, started bottling Eins Zwei Zero in 2007 after a request from Norwegian chef Odd Ivar Solvold, who needed an excellent non-alcoholic wine to match his cuisine.

The name plays on a play on words. Eins Zwei Dry is the name of the flagship Leitz Riesling, and it sounds like counting to three in German. Thus, the zero-proof line is counting One Two Zero. See what they did there? Gut.

Rudesheim, Rheingau, Germany: Gentle hills, secluded valleys, an ideal climate and the modern management of our vineyards – these are the foundations of the high-quality grapes that Weingut Leitz uses for the base wines of their alcohol-free products.

Made with the same grapes and care that go into the Leitz award-winning “regular” Rieslings and Pinot Noirs, the fully fermented wines are then gently de-alcoholized through a low-temperature vacuum distillation process. The low temperatures mean that the alcohol can be removed without losing the essential natural aromas and remarkable properties of the terroir.

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