Weddings, Private & Corporate Events and Wine & Food Pairings

We understand a lot of effort goes into planning a special event of any kind, and we want your winemaking experience to be stress-free- AND FUN!

Our knowledgeable winemakers are always happy to help! We offer a free consultation when it comes to finding the perfect wine for your event on any budget.

Our state of the art bottling facility makes your bottling process oh so comfortable!

We also offer custom labels to give those bottles a personal touch that will wow your guests. We take great pride in our products and have served many clients since we opened in 1996 with our 100% guarantee!

How Much Wine Will I Need?

Generally, the average amount of wine per guest is about one serving per hour. Most events are about 4-6 hours; therefore, you would need about 4-6 servings. There are five servings of wine in each bottle, so another way to look at it would be approximately 1- 1.5 bottles per guest over 4-6 hours.

Our batches only come in increments of 29 bottles of wine per kit unless you are purchasing a dessert wine. 

Full Bar Sample = 50% Wine/20%Beer/ 30% Liquor

Beer & Wine Only=  75% Wine/%25 Beer


The first thing to check is whether or not the venue will even allow you to bring in your wine, beer and cider. Some venues require that you select wines off their pre-existing list. Other venues will allow you to bring in your wine, but they also might charge a corkage fee per bottle.

Please view pricing at our shop & browse or contact us for pricing and available packages.

Cheers, Lisa